Miniature 50ml Ms. Majestical Mermaid Vodka

The Minature bottle of Ms Majestical Vodka has arrived...50ml

Perfect for the "trying" before buying, and also a great addition to a gift!


Brass Razu presents the super rare

'Ms. Majestical Vodka'.

This Whipped Cream Vodka uses Mermaid Scales which gives our vodka a magical elixir effect. 


'Mermaid Scales' are havested when Mermaids shed their tails to join humans on land. This happens once every 20 years. A rare spectacle indeed.


This whipped cream vodka is perfect with soda, lemonade or cranberry juice and the shimmery 'scales' will leave you wanting more.

This vodka is perfect in an espresso martini or a cosmopolitan (without lime juice).


A Brass Razu exclusive.

For a limited time only!


50ml/ 17.5% Alc

Miniature 50ml Ms. Majestical Mermaid Vodka


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